Royal Sequence – Series of Progressive Violin CDs – Complementary Material for Conservatory of Music Violin Books

The Royal Sequence Series of Violin CDs is a learning tool that includes a big variety of musical compositions for violin students that are learning to play violin. Students are using these CDs as a very important tool in learning music and prepare for examinations in music. CDs are produced in Canada and include many new compositions by Canadian composers and arrangers. There are 6 CDs released starting at the beginner level through intermediate violin grades: introductory violin, grade 1234 and 5

Students that are learning to play violin, through a traditional teaching or a Suzuki Method for Violin use this disks to prepare for Conservatory of Music Violin Examinations. Each CD allows a student to hear a chosen piece of music that followed by only piano accompaniment to study or practice with. These CDs allow students to prepare for Music Examinations better and much faster, as a listening part in studying music is very important. 

A student listening to Royal sequence CDs will hear a full instrumentation of each composition as written by composer – violin melody with piano accompaniment. If young violinist starts learning a piece of music playing only violin part never hearing an accompaniment of the piece they create their own imaginative harmonies, articulations, character and style of music. Student may miss some key signature markings or rhythmical patterns and make mistakes in sight reading the music right at the beginning. More they repeat mistakes more time it takes to relearn them and prepare for final excellent performance of the piece. But if student listens to a recorded music carefully at first than starts learning process using a slower tempo to sightread the music, it will speed up dramatically their learning time. Student will enjoy the process of learning to create beautiful music right from the start.And more importantly they will practice with much enjoyment. 

As Royal Sequence CDs allow students to hear a full performance of the piece of music they can also listen to a second track of the same piece: piano accompaniment only. Student can sight read their part alone with recorded piano part in final tempo. After it is learned and gradually brought to a marked tempo, practiced with CD at home students are ready to have a rehearsal with a pianist and work on their own interpretation of the music with their own accompanist.

Royal Sequence CDs for Conservatory of Music Canada examination

Royal Sequence CDs include selections of Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Contemporary compositions and some of the new music by Canadian composers of the 20th century. Music develops creativity, an imagination, a connection to spirituality and fosters intellectual development. Playing the violin, or any other instrument, requires multi-tasking and helps us learn to be in control of many things simultaneously. Learning to play a musical instrument is very beneficial to the overall education of our children. It is food for the mind… and the soul. 

Listening to the music develops one’s esthetic taste for music – music makes you think, music touches your heart, music heals,music makes you dance, and music moves your soul. It encourages students to be in touch with their hearts and take their minds into the world of imagination.These listening experiences can be shared by attending solo performances,concerts of symphony orchestras and chamber ensembles, or by simply listening to a recorded music as Royal Sequence CDs.

Violin students who would like to play any of these pieces will find them published in Canada. All the pieces of music that you find in these books are designed to help students adequately prepare for the Royal Conservatory exams. With the Royal Sequence CD’s by their side,accompanying them, students can listen to each piece as one of the interpretation and can practice only with piano accompaniment, preparing for Concerts, Recitals, Kiwanis Music Festivals, Examinations or just for their own pleasure.

A highly respected and successful violin and piano teacher Tatiana Kostour is accepting new students in VictoriaBritish ColumbiaRoyalOak, Saanich areas.Ms. Kostour’s style of teaching stresses perfecting a student’s techniques to enable him or her to express a creative interpretation of music. She is renowned for her dedication to her student’s progress in order that each may express his or her unique emotional connection to the composer’s inspiration.